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Blackgang Chine

Blackgang Chine

For anyone who has visited the Isle of Wight as a child, Blackgang Chine provokes strong memories of fairy-tale creatures, dinosaurs and Cowboys. The oldest theme park in the UK at over 175 years, Blackgang chine has changed quite a bit since the doors were first opened in 1840.

Over the years the site has changed dramatically, thanks to the ever-changing landscape of the area and the need to occasionally move the part further inland, away from the dramatic cliffs and coastline. The Park overlooks the stunning south coast of the Island and is set in beautiful gardens.

Let your imagination (and children) run wild as you fight pirates on-board your own ship, play cowboys and Indians in the frontier town, discover life size moving dinosaurs or experience the magic of being a fairy princess in your own castle!

These are just some of the fun things to do here, in addition to the giant water slide, roller coaster, underwater land and many other attractions which are updated annually.

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